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Bhutan: Preserving Identity A Traveling Exhibit

August 4th, 2009

Bhutan: Preserving Identity, an exhibit featuring rare vintage and recent photographs and elegant postage stamps, tells the history of this once-mysterious, hidden kingdom now discussed around the globe as a leader in cultural and environmental preservation.

The stamps and photographs trace Bhutan’s preservation of its traditional culture, art and architecture, as well as its pristine environment through generations.

Bhutan’s postage stamps are rare, miniature works of art featuring the country’s culture and rituals. Subjects include Bhutan’s legendary masked ceremonial dancers, which represent the Buddhist heartbeat of the country; architecture depicted in exceptional temple-fortresses; natural environment, a birthright for the Bhutanese and a legacy for the entire world; a century-old monarchy; and the national sport of archery—all treasures of the intricately detailed cultural legacy that the Bhutanese have selected to keep vibrant and vital from its beginnings until today.

Bhutan’s decades-old postage stamps have become lasting icons of the country’s culture, having recently been featured in the Washington Post, Time Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, CBS Sunday Morning, Today Show and BBC Worldwide Radio as well as publications in Italy, Thailand and Great Britain. This exhibit truly evokes the splendor of Bhutan.

Bhutan: Preserving Identity has been featured in locales including The Asia Society in New York City, the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, and the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh. The exhibit is easy to ship, and easy to hang in a wide variety of exhibit spaces or other places such as a reception area or boardroom. Vibrant and richly cultural, this is a fascinating exhibit.

For additional information, contact: Creative Products International
1236 S. Negley Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15217 USA
or visit: www.BhutanToday.net/exhibit

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